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copy of Panettone artigianale al pistacchio con farcitura al pistacchio - 1

Panettone artigianale gusto classico

Dalle sapienti mani dei nostri maestri pasticceri e da una selezione minuziosa di materie prime realizziamo i tipici  panettoni natalizi  nelle...
Cassatella of Saint Agatha - 1

Cassatella of Saint Agatha

The cassatella of Saint Agatha is in fact a small Sicilian cassata in the shape of small breasts. These are round-shaped cakes made with sponge...
Orange peel smothered in chocolate - 1

Orange peel smothered in chocolate

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Chocolate orange rinds are simple and delicious sweets that can be found in pastry shops around the year, but which are even more common at...
Almond paste - 3

Almond paste

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It is one of the most representative sweets of Sicily, where the pastry chefs work the almond in a traditional way with honey, to obtain a pure...
Buccellato - 1


From €15.00
It is a typical Sicilian production, as such it was officially recognized by the regional council for agricultural policies and therefore included...
Martorana fruit - 4

Martorana fruit

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Marzapane fruit or Martorana fruit (marturana fruit in Sicilian) is a typical Sicilian dessert (whose origin was in the Palermo area). It is a...
Sicilian cassata - 2

Sicilian cassata

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The Sicilian cassata, from the Arabic quas'at, "bacinella" or from the Latin caseum, "cheese", is a traditional Sicilian cake based on sweetened...
Olivette of Saint Agatha - 4

Olivette of Saint Agatha

From €30.00
Le olivette di sant'Agata (in siciliano alivetti o aliveddi ri Sant'Àjita) sono dei dolci tipici di Catania, preparati solitamente in gennaio e...
Sicilian cannoli - 3

Sicilian cannoli

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Sicilian cannolo is one of the best known specialties of Italian pastry. As such it has been officially recognized and included in the list of...